Zippo serial dating

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truly believe that the Zippo lighter is the most coveted thing in the army."The American campaign against the Japanese on Okinawa still raged in early 1945 when Ernie Pyle was reassigned to the Pacific theatre.While making preparations for a major mission, a young officer asked Pyle if he knew what was up.A benefit of this finish is that it would not reflect the light, thereby avoiding the attention of enemy snipers.The paint, while baked on, tended to become brittle and chip off, giving the Zippo a rugged look.There was another one with a label stating "POST WAR LIGHTER" made from this same box. The lid is now 7/16" thick, and has a narrow band of cardboard glued to the inside, to allow the lid to be raised above the lighters surface.The third change is the thickness of the bottom was changed from 5/8" to 5/16" .The letter represents the month and the number represents the year. It's ok if the date on the insert doesn't match the date on the case. Both your inmates were sentenced for 15 years, one for (H)omicide and (I)nvoluntary Manslaughter.This box was used for sales of new lighters, as well as a return box for customers sending their lighter in for service.

He was discharged with the rank of captain in 1946, at which time he returned to Zippo. " This 1938 Zippo is engraved with "Capt. Harry William (Bill) Edwards was the superintendent at the Congress Street Zippo Manufacturing Plant. Edwards was employed by the Zippo Manufacturing Company since 1938 until he left In 1942 to enter the Army.

The tradition from WWI of decorating lighters with coins and crude engravings, or "trench art" continued on the Zippo in World War II.

Some of these decorated lighters were pre-war Zippos, including the 1940-41 brass Zippos with and without diagonal lines as well as earlier models. Appenines, and Po Valley". "Oran, Algiers,  Capri, Napoli, Pompei, Casserta, Roma,  Firenze, Livorno, Pisa, Montecatini, Mongodoro-Loiano, Bologna, Verona, Milano, Genoa, Udine, Lago Gardo, Lago Maggiore"  was engraved on the reverse.

Heavily coated with a black a crackle finish, and distributed amongst the men and women of the military, and stopped selling to the general public.

This box looks just like the 1949-51 USA box, but observe the ® on both the lid and the mount.

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