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This way, we can unit test our View Models thoroughly, and (sometimes) allow UX designers to dictate the XAML layout directly. As we dig a little more deeply into the mechanisms of data binding, we learn that part of the “magic” is achieved by way of the INotify Property Changed interface (which includes only one thing – an event named Property Changed).

Whenever we modify the value of any property on our View Model, we are supposed to raise that Property Changed event, and the XAML runtime will respond by automatically updating the visual state of any controls which are being used to display that property’s data.

I thought I’d share my findings here so it might be of any help if you would run into this issue yourself.Typically we would have one View per View Model, but that’s not a requirement at all (more like a generalized observation), and in fact there are some situations where we might want to have multiple Views for the same View Model (or break a complex View Model into multiple parts while still connecting to a single View).The View Models are supposed to capable of standing alone, and we use data bindings and command bindings to connect the two.For those things we need something with a little more “oomph”.Building upon the previous example, let’s suppose that we now want to add a “Full Name” property.

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