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He reckons his age is holding him back."I feel I suffer under my age," he said.

So he brought on a lawsuit in his home country, the Netherlands, to legally lower his age by 20 years."We live in a time when you can change your name and change your gender. "On Monday, the court chucked out the case, saying it has no legal basis.

For instance, it’s mothers who are responsible for their daughters’ upbringing.

They pass their knowledge and teach them how to keep the house clean and impress their loved ones with cooking skills.

So choosing a girl from Russia, you get both a personal chef and a professional housemaid. Although Russian women might seem a bit shy or even cold at first glance, they have a couple of tricks to surprise you in bed.

That’s right – these girls know what buttons to push to make their partners feel good.

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But throughout their lifetime it's not hugely different to their own age.""If you look at the age of women that men find most physically attractive, then when they're 18 it's women who are about 20; when they're 30 it's women who are about 20; when they're 40 it's women who are about 20; when they're 50 it's women who are about 20," he said.

Anyways, it’s clear that more and more lucky singles are joining the world of online dating every day.

Our website is aimed at helping you get acquainted with gorgeous Russian women looking for a soul mate overseas. If you’re looking to meet a single woman, settle down, and create a strong, long-lasting relationship, then a lady from Russia is your perfect option.

But there’s the downside of this advantage – you will also have to make some effort to please your Russian companion.

Russian ladies are able to take care of themselves.

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