Who is jessica from true blood dating

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As Steve is about to drink the Tru Blood James takes pity on him telling him not to drink it because it is contaminated.Steve heeds his warnings but later caves and gives the information to his ex wife Sarah.They begin to talk about what they would do if they survive this.

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Guards come in and separate them and they take James back to the male general population.

Jessica screams for it to stop and says they will do as they are told.

She begins taking off her clothes and tells him that it will seem like she is a virgin, but she isn't. Sarah has him burned over and over, before telling the guards to take both subjects back to their cells.

He is uniquely noble among his kind, as he shows to Jessica when he refuses to have sex with her and has one of his fangs broken as a result.

James feels that some vampires think they have to "forfeit their souls" when they are turned but he disagrees.

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