Victorian furniture dating

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Beautiful upholstery trim with quilts and buttons and unique carving.

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Antique design for a sophisticated decorative chair with a tall, oversized back.Its rosewood frame is solid and it includes some aesthetic carvings on legs and on the top of backrest.Armchair, swan-shaped couch ideal for women from the Victorian court. This antique victorian chair has classic design of plush jacquard upholstery and detailed leaf and flower. Soft, padded seat finished in red color provides comfort and support thanks to its padded arms and button-tufted backrest.The chair itself is made out of dark oak wood with wheels on the bottom and is finished off with an elegant seat cushion made out of blue velvet.19th Century Victorian Carved Dark Walnut Lounge Chair Lounge chair in Victorian style.Wooden frame is finished with carefully made carvings and mounted on wheels for easy movement.

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