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Smtp Client then performs “RCPT TO” command to test if this SMTP server accepts this email address.Please always pass null (Nothing in Visual Basic) to Smtp Server paramter except you want to test whether an email address will be accepted by a specified SMTP server.Some of them worked, some of them didn't work that well. If this method is passed an invalid email address, it will simply throw an error which you can use to your advantage.I recently discovered a little trick that you can use to validate email addresses, and best of all - it uses a built-in . In the code above, I have created a simple method that passes an email address to the Mail Address class.when user input email address and press the submit button, the regularexpressionvalidator control's validation expression check that the inputted email is a well formed email address or not.if it is not a valid formatted email address then validation failed and stop form submission.For example: you can use this pattern to verify if the email address has valid format.

Validate Email Address Syntax Regular expression can be used to validate if an email address is in correct format.

These address validation methods are more efficient than validating multiple addresses individually in a loop, mainly because they group addresses with the same domain and validate them in one pass, which speeds up the process and lowers the resource usage and the possibility of IP blacklisting. Dim addresses As New List(Of Mail Address)() From ' Validate address list and display results.

The following example shows how to verify a collection of email addresses. Dim results As IList(Of Mail Address Validation Result) = Mail Address Validator.

Test Recipients method can be used to test if the email address is valid. Firstly, Smtp Client performs a DNS MX record query.

If it retrieves the recipient’s local SMTP server successfully, Smtp Client will try to connect to this server.

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