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I paid a customer a visit a while ago and was requested to assist with a SQL Server Failover Cluster issue they were experiencing.

They had internally transferred the case from the SQL team to folks who look after the Windows Server platform as they could not pick up anything relating to SQL during initial troubleshooting efforts.

The tool is installed when the Failover Cluster “feature” is installed via the Server Manager.

This article discusses how i SCSI storage can be configured to provide a low-cost, shared storage solution for your Windows clusters.

The amount of time it takes to run the storage tests depends on how many disks are tested and how many servers are in the cluster.

A progress status of each test is listed along with the results of the test: Failed, Warning or Success as seen below.

The following example illustrates a Validation Report and the various storage tests that were performed.

If you find any failed tests, you should be able to determine the problem by examining the detailed information associated with the test.

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