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There is the model number, M72M, and the year, 1958, Then 160995 which matches the number on the frame above the rear plunger.

The next number is 175146 which matches one of the numbers on the motor.

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I tried to translate the russian text on the tag but without a lot of luck - best I could work out with google translator is the text in front of the 160995 number is "Motorcycle".

Thank you to all landowners, citizens, and organizations that participated!

This planning process and document build on the legacy of dialogue dating back and perhaps.…

I did find another number next to the main one on the motor now that I have given the motor a clean - Its very faint and small and at 45 degrees to the main number - my best guess is it reads 1M302 ? However, b Cozz once had a user database of serial numbers trying to identify correlations. The star military designations I believe only were used on later Dnepr (KMZ)bikes. Anyone know if its still available as could be an interesting read.

Also a couple of other marks on the front near the forks - One reads B 1 and the other is a bit hard to decifer but could be R 7808155 B or the B could be a russian letter of some description. They (b Cozz) is up and running again although I have not had success joining the mess for the 4th or 5th time. The link above is also interesting and looks like it might be helpful although my Russians a bit rusty (read non existent).

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