Updating instances

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I can call the CSI_ITEM_INSTANCE_PUB.update_item_instance API. The problem with this is that the API has a rollback statement in its code and the trigger wouldn't allow it. I can make the trigger on OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL an AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION and get away with the rollback restriction.This will let me do a commit/rollback etc inside the trigger. The other option is to update EXTERNAL_REFERENCE in the CSI_ITEM_INSTANCE table directly.I didn’t tell it to install without checking first so it asks me.If you wanted it to go ahead without checking then set -Confirm:$false.The process I'm following is:- drag shape from stensil group onto page 1 and again onto page 2 of a visio diagram.- right click the stensil and select 'edit stensil'- right click the shape in question and select 'edit master edit master shape'- make the change/addition- press save- I then get the message: "Modifications made to a master open in a window will not be saved.Close the window and resave the drawing to record the modifications" This has been a long term request.

These recur on mulpile pages within the visio document.Confirm Are you sure you want to perform this action?Performing the operation "Update 2016 to SP2CU6 (KB4488536)" on target "laptop".See how to pin your view to a dashboard, share links, and to save and share customized views.We are happy to announce a price reduction of an average of 35% for Linux App Service on the Premium v2 plan (pricing may vary by regional meters).

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