The sims 3 egypt online dating thank you for accommodating me

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There's a chest in one of the side rooms at the bottom of the stairs and some Nectar in one of the others.

When you're ready, place the keystone into the glowing slot. NOTE: In this room with the three doors requiring keystones, the door on the right can be opened after you collect a keystone from the Queen's Chambers tomb.

Red tiled doors lead to treasure, the green tiled door leads to a standing tile and blue tiled doors lead you forward.

You should use green doors first and then blue doors and go through red doors if you want the treasure.

I have a good idea about helping Ameen Moussa though. Bring the gems to me and you will be paid for your troubles.

Go around to the right and go through the door at the end of the hall. Step on the standing tile behind this door and then head back to the previous room. At the end of the next hall there may be treasure behind the door to the right (red). Go through the door at the end of the next hall (blue). Behind the door on the right is a chest and the door in front will lead to another room with doors. Right in front of you is a blue door and there a red door around the corner.

""I thank you for the kind words, but I think I must make my own way in romance and not rely on the guidance of Dalida Barakat.

Anyway Dalida Barakat found a keystone embedded in the relic you found.

I found this instructional book for preparing romantic foods, but my friend simply refuses to read it.

Could you read this book, then go over the highlights with Ameen Moussa?

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