Terminal accommodating chamber

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Although flexible, it is not recommended for accommodating significant pipe deflection or misalignment. The common practice of attaching a small ball valve to a tapped port on a strainer access cap, and opening it periodically to “blowdown” and purge debris from the basket, without opening the cap.

This is not as effective as proper periodic removal and cleaning of the basket.

The formation of vapor pockets (cavities) in a liquid.

Cavitation is a phase transition between the liquid and the vapor condition.

Devices that provides the primary force, to distribute and recirculate hot and chilled water, in a variety of space-conditioning and plumbing systems.

The pump provides a pre-determined flow of water to the space load terminal units, or to a thermal storage chamber for release at peak loads.

Centrifugal pumps can also be found in water treatment and service water heating systems.** A key piece of mechanical equipment in chilled water systems.The more common chillers use mechanical compressors to transfer the heat with pressurized refrigerant.Centrifugal, scroll, and screw chillers are the common types of mechanical compressor chillers. These systems experience little or no corrosion, because new (aerated) water is not being continuously introduced to encourage oxidation.A complete system of Victaulic products offering a proprietary wedge-shaped groove profile for the strongest and most dependable mechanical pipe joining system for 14-78"/DN350-DN1950 pipe.The only system available to feature two housings up to 60'' in size.

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