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However, the defending player must be at least 3 feet away from the player with the ball, otherwise the umpire will pull her up for obstruction.

Taking this to a teaching level, I feel that this would be an ideal way of introducing topics like area, perimeter, circumference, diameter and radius of a circle.

The semi – circles (shooting circles) at either end of the court are 32ft in diameter and have a radius of 16ft.

When a player’s opponent has the ball and is ready to make a pass, that player can mark with her hands up in order to try and defend the pass.

Dimensions of the Court: A netball court is split into thirds, which are each 10.14 metres long, making the whole court 30.5 metres (100ft) long. The centre circle in the middle of the court is 3 feet in diameter which is also the exact distance a player needs to be from their opponent when marking them when they have the ball.In our maths in sport input we had the opportunity to either take a sport that already exists and improve it somehow, or make up our own sport with its own rules.My group decided we would try to improve on a sport that already exists, and therefore I suggested netball, which is my favourite sport.13 years later Msomi is captain of the Proteas and has represented South Africa as wing attack at two World Cups – 20.“Netball has become a huge part of the woman I am today,” says Msomi; “It is an honour to play at a World Cup and represent your country.” Goal attack Lenize Potgieter has her height to thank for getting her into netball.

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