Sex dating in lafayette georgia

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Fast forward, they divorce and we reconnect and get together after being friends for 10 years (when they were together she banned him from talking to me) and he proposes to me and I’m now pregnant with our first.Since finding out we got together she will NOT leave him alone she sends him desperate pleas for him to come back to her DESPITE living with another man!!She sends him slooty snaps with her tits out telling him he can fuk her anytime, nasty af.He’s blocked her several times and always rejects her but she never takes the hint and creates new forms to get to him through social media.I know of at least 6 other married men she has hooked up with since she has been out here, she doesn’t care.She will screw them and suck them right in the parking lot where anyone can see.She also sat at the same table with us at the local restaurant.

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That i was just going to allow you to ruin my family?

Oh, and to only make matters worse this little girl has 4 children she leaves behind with complete strangers (she has claimed that someone onced molested one of the children while she was away) so she can go and do these disgusting acts. Me and my boyfriend were together for two and a half years.

Maybe this post will make her realize what she’s doing and she will stop. His mom had recently passed away and he wasn’t sleeping and a lot of other things were going on. We both worked for the same place but different locations.

Eventually she gets what she wants from him and leaves him high and dry.

Addicted to prescription drugs and in a worse emotional mess than when she found him. She plays you like a violin and gets you where she wants you first.

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