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They do so at a time when institutions across the country — schools, churches and businesses — are reexamining how they have handled sex allegations over time.

Decades after the alleged abuse, the Key School stories, long whispered about, are being addressed by the school for the first time publicly.

“I believe you could interview him,” the family member said. I don’t know how much confidence I’d have whether it is true or not.” The Post reviewed a letter Perhonis wrote to Venton in 1976, which Venton said she kept partly because she feared him.

“I hope you’ll come by at Thanksgiving and visit,” he wrote a month after she turned 18.

Some of the alleged perpetrators are dead or incapacitated, and it’s not clear whether those who are living could be prosecuted.

“Because of what’s going on — what’s gone on in America — it’s possible to get people to come forward, be present, and to shine a bright light,” Surrick said.

She said sex with Perhonis began when she was 16 and lasted into her 20s.

The investigation into the allegations at Key will be conducted by Baltimore lawyers Andrew Jay Graham and Jean E. The lawyers said in a statement they will investigate “alleged instances of adult sexual misconduct involving students at the Key School.” Graham recently represented a police officer acquitted of murder in the case of Freddie Gray, whose death in 2015 triggered demonstrations and looting in the city. I think I was naive as hell.” Megan Stone Venton, 60, said she was 16 when a teacher approached her for sex.

Surrick and other accusers said it was widely known that some Key teachers had sex with underage students.

Some teachers were fired after complaints from students or parents, according to interviews with accusers.

But many stayed in the classroom, continuing the alleged abuse.

The accusers, now in their 50s and 60s, say the school has yet to confront the scope of the behavior, its effects still felt more than four decades later.

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