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Then she said ‘you are getting older and you will start to learn about these things.You are now going through puberty don’t worry it is normal, your body will go through some changes.’ I was shocked about what she was talking about I didn’t know what to say.

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I just kept moving my hips up and down rubbing against her back.Mom could see that I was looking at it she said ‘you are still young don’t worry it will grow bigger’.When suddenly her hand went under the blanket and against my leg she rubbed it. As we watched the man grabbed the women and put his penis inside her she was so hot I could see her huge boobs and her nipples.‘Sometimes you will have urges and things will start to happen, some nights you will wake up and your bed will be wet, don’t worry its normal it’s not pee its semen.The same like what happened last night’ I was shocked I didn’t move didn’t know what to say.

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