Sax cam java validating copyrighted instruments

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The current version is SAX 2.0.1, and there are versions for several programming language environments other than Java.SAX has recently switched over to the Source Forge project infrastructure.

Here is the overall project structure for today's discussion, 'xml To Read' folder contains xml that we are going to read and display the output on console. Nagesh Chauhan has 8 years of software design and development experience in variety of technologies like - Core Java, Java 8 (Streams, Lambda), J2EE (Servlet, JSP), Spring Framework (MVC, IOC, JDBC, SECURITY etc), Spring Boot and Microservices, Kafla, Redis, Cassandra and Spark.SAX is a better choice to parse xml's with large size.SAX uses some callback methods to parse and read the xml accordingly.The intent is to continue the open development and maintainence process for SAX (no NDAs required) while making it easier to track open SAX issues outside of the high-volume list.Project resources include archived mailing lists and a download area.

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