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By the BBC Women in Bangladesh are no longer required to declare if they are virgins on marriage registration forms, the country’s top court has ruled.

On the Internet, one can find ivory knife handles, ; ivory gun grips, 0; ivory elephant tusks, ,500.But at 0 per kilo (about 2 pounds) on the Asian black market, the cost for ivory is too high for almost everyone except the extreme collectors. “A new custom ivory keyboard would cost up to ,000 installed, versus an acrylic keyboard for about 0,” said Ron Winter, a Southside expert in piano restoration.Life of Adventure Douglas-Hamilton was born in England, raised partly in South Africa and Scotland and studied at the University of Oxford, where he earned his doctorate of philosophy in zoology.“The fear is, and it is my belief, that any ivory sales will stimulate a parallel illegal trade,” he said. With a renewed market demand for ivory, especially in China, it appears to be happening already.Conservationists blame poachers for last year’s tremendous spike in elephant deaths — 36,000 were killed, more than in the previous two decades combined. “Western demand collapsed 20 years ago, and I hope it never comes back.” There is some fear it might. In Indianapolis, if there is much interest in ivory, it’s probably from those who have vintage pianos in need of restoration.

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    "It depends on how rapidly or slowly things progress." Joan Allen, a relationship expert, finds that baby boomers are far more likely to wait to have sex than younger daters.