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Miner the rules were No ag^nt ia to trav.-l frori I susjiended, tnid the bill lelieving ibe Vallev ; placo to pl-vc? ie special order for eleven o'clock, when that Lour arrived.

Potter of Tfred a sabsl Uuto, which w adopted, and afterwards, on motion, '^r Baxter rccuiameuded to be lai4 vn Uvj table. Biiitol'^ bill on the stme subject was then taken up, and 2slr. Bristul thon^'ht his pian Would work more harmoniously, 'i^ui he bad no ©b- jeclions to Mr.

Bristol and Daiuels, and favored the ''Dela- no bill," on tlic ground that it took the Belllement o! j;e will be foreclosed by a ml* of fi itl nionrnpcd prcn ises to be n ade by tl SI triif f f Faid County of Siott, lit J nlilic Midncflt tie front door of the Court House in Shakopee in said c f Scott, State of Minnesota, at ten o'cloc K in the fc-renoon of the 2b TM r AT OF MARi H, in the ye»r lfc68, and the j.rocicd.s cf Mich ^alc will be applied to the payment of the sum then doe on said nolo and iri Ortgiifje, and the coe»a iuid ch»ipcs of foreclosure and paid ium of ten dollar.'; solicitor's fees proiidcd by said mort^-affc lo be paid out of tb« |Toceeds of "^uch sale.

W« had itatc J tbat our wise county attorney had to M what bo kucw Tvas not true in «tatirg he could procure evidence lo reduce the amount of our claim, or else he had nsglected his of Hclal duty, na he did not produce any evidence against U3. Spectator adai Ud both alter- natives io ha true, aad we prcuauao slie it ccrrcct. i a »\ixx\k will rciigii, sr a: l;ait h Ims-.-lf the large bill of cost-. county h-\i in::i:- rrel by rca:-.o:x of Li;i iijnoranca and nc;;li- gcace. much ra'stutca in ftaviug thai 'county audlior pai.l ud soo.: after tba ju.'.j^msnt in the Court rcn- »lerc-'.

SPEcra TOR ajmits that we told some trutli.s iu our Liatory of t Lat Appeal.

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