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Anyway despite of the reviews I am a man of my words and so I decided to move on and installed it on my Moto G.

Following are some of my observations when I tried using it.

I went ahead and selected a girls profile that I liked and kept on doing it for quite some time till the app crashed because of unknown reasons.

It kept on happening every time I’d use the app so I guess they didn’t test it properly over different devices or versions of android(mine was android kitkat 4.4.4).

The only issue is when you wish to discover the profile of the person you can discover at most 2 profiles in a day and unlike Tinder where once both the parties have agreed the platform connects them where through a chat interface over here the algorithm they have employed is ridiculously confused.

So unlike Tinder Vee connects with one person who had shown interest in my profile and I can successfully initiate a chat conversation with her but that is it. Now every time I get a notification in my activity screen and I click on the profile it takes me to the page where I can see the profile of the person who liked my profile but once I approve of that using the green button on the right I am taken to a different profile instead of connecting with this particular person where I can initiate chat.

Not many user insights have been taken into account while designing the features.

As per Eric Ries they haven’t yet experimented with the various role plays of different customers that would use this app which makes it even more sad when we talk about different customer segments that would use this app.

But then I am a pragmatic soul and I don’t go by reviews unless of course its from rotten tomatoes so I decided to give it a shot. Anyway this is how they picture themselves on the android store This is what some of their reviews on the android play store looks like-as bad as the earlier ones.

If you defined the incorrect date of birth during account creation and you cannot complete the required proof of age parental or guardian form to verify your age, please send an e-mail with your Wolf Quest account username to [email protected] the situation.

If you are not a COPPA user (12 and under) and if phrase chat mode is your only option, it means your account has been restricted, likely due to inappropriate behavior.

Phrase chat (canned phrase choices) assures appropriate multiplayer game behavior for all of our players.

Players younger than 13 are limited to phrase chat in public games.

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