Pueblo dating

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A portion of the original 1628 church can still be seen in the rebuilt structure.

Isleta Pueblo, a Southern Pueblo, is the largest Tiwa-speaking pueblo, composed of several communities on the Rio Grande River south of Albuquerque.

Cochiti pueblo raises income from a variety of sources, including recreational leases of lands near Cochiti Lake, an Army Corps of Engineers project.

Cochiti drums are well-known craft items made here, as well as pottery, jewelry, and storyteller figures.

The pueblo is known historically for its baskets made of yucca fronds.

While this is no longer an active art form at Jemez, some well-known jewelers, potters, and storyteller doll makers live there. Now the Laguna Reclamation Project is attempting to restore the mining site.

Pojoaque Pueblo, the smallest of all the pueblos, is a Northern Pueblo located north of Santa Fe.

Today the 19 pueblos of New Mexico cooperate in a loose confederation called the All Indian Pueblo Council.

Each pueblo is autonomous and has its own tribal government.

By the end of the severe, prolonged droughts in the late fourteenth century they had relocated to the vicinity of their modern communities primarily located within the watershed of the upper Rio Grande River Valley in New Mexico and the watershed of the Little Colorado River in Arizona.

The pueblo tribes represent several distantly related language families and dialects, and they have continued to maintain close contact with each other since the arrival of Europeans in the region in the sixteenth century.

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