Public profile linkedin not updating

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To do this, go into your Privacy & Settings (as explained above), select the Privacy tab in the centre of the screen and click the Change option under Sharing profile edits: Then slide the slider button to No: Our recommendation: If you’re making a lot of changes to your profile e.g.

you might be doing a profile Spring clean, we suggest that you turn this setting off, as every single change you make will be posted out to your network.

appears, use the sliders to select which emails you want to receive from Linked In and which emails you’d prefer not to receive: For more granular details, click the Details option next to each email categories and select from a variety of options.

For example, within my Invitations category I can see all the different types of emails Linked In can send me in relation to this category including invitations to connect and invitations to join groups.

As you can imagine, that might begin to annoy your network and could even result in someone choosing to disconnect with you.

But, once you’re finished making your edits, turn this setting back on. Well, you might want to re-engage people from time to time with subtle updates such as adding a new skill or adding a new job you have available.

One of the most loved and most used features of Linked In is arguably “Who’s viewed my profile”.

People will not have the option to you your profile.But the good news is, it is within your power to fully control which emails you get from Linked In and when you get them.To change your email settings could to your Privacy & Settings, select the Communications tab on the right hand side of the screen and click the Change option under Email Frequency: When a list of new options entitled Which emails do you want to receive?Linked In will also give you some tips as to how to improve your ranking: It’s quite a bit of fun to check out where you stand and who’s beating you, but of you want to turn this feature off go to your Privacy & Settings, select the Privacy tab in the centre of the screen and click the Change option under How You Rank: Then just simply slide the slider to yes or no: Our recommendation: Leave it on.It’s not essential, but as we said earlier, it can be a little bit of fun to see how active you are on Linked In and how well you’re using it.

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