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Just connect your Garmin GPS with the computer and check for available updates.The content can be easily managed with the latest updates.If the GPI file has multiple files and folders compiled within it then they will be displayed in alphabetically, folders first then individual files.The 2nd GPI file will always be the 2nd file or group of files in the display order on the GPS, regardless of whether you update them later by copying updated files over top of them. Open Garmin Express and follow the on-screen prompts to add the device back to Express Thanks to metricman for posting this solution Some units will need to use a SD card because the size of the latest maps - plus the other necessary files - exceeds the capacity of the devices internal memory. The device's internal memory/storage space varies by model and by the software that is loaded to the device (e.g., firmware, maps, vehicles, voices, etc…).

Unit will not accept .mp3 files The early GPS units had .mp3 players built in. You can do this by using Media IO (to convert one format to another, say .mp3 to .wav) 3C.All the products are designed for life and for the road. Download NOW Go on trips with your family and loved ones. The updates with all new alerts for live traffic, speed cameras, weather. The latest updates are here to make your driving even safer.Find new adventures, tracks, camping grounds and meet new people.Share your adventures with others on social media with the latest features of 2019.

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