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She bends him over the exam table, pulls his panties thong-like between his bibuttocks and spanks him repeatedly for 5 minutes while also reaching between his legs to stroke him.Then, she has him remove the panties and get on the exam table - "butt up" so that she can take his rectal temperature.As the thermometer registers, she continues to spank him and now stroke his penis and testicles. [This is great video but the sound is minimal --- so the price has been significantly reduced] Nurse Mo really likes "rectal temperature taking" - Yes, she takes her own rectal temperature, but it also arouses her to take a patient's rectal temperature ---- especially hesitant, mature male patients. No doubt that the serious temperature taking fetishists are going to like this one.When she finishes taking his rectal temperature, she has him spread his buttocks to expose his anus as she prepares him for the anoscope . In this video, you're going to see her in two separate scenes; yes, you'll also see a bit of her taking her own rectal temperature and bringing herself to orgasm. A montage of the finest images from a photo shoot with Rachel Sinclair --- starting out in her bed thinking about taking her temperature. And- if you're also a Rachel Sinclair fan - you going to especially like it!Then, another day, she's in her nurse's uniform and has him with his buttocks raised to have his temperature taken rectally. He responded very well after she lubricated his penis with K-Y Tingling Jelly and inserted a condom on his penis.His thoughts of taking HER rectal temperature, while masturbating and having her work the prostate stimulator inside of him -- made for a very arousing experience. Nurse Ashley discovers that a man is peeping in on her after she has just finished masturbating in the stirrups.This 1st clip is good verbal and rope lovers will really enjoy it. This is the last preserved segment of the PLAY DOCTOR video "1st Exam / 1st Enema". Here you see PLAY DOCTOR giving a digital rectal exam [DRE] to MILF Cyndi, Young Gia, and MILF Mo.

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Although they appeared to be hesitant, they enjoyed it!

In between scenes, there is also some special bonus footage from vintage PLAY DOCTOR video [Housecall - c.

She catches him in the act outside of her window and brings him into the exam room.

Down with his pants and she notices he is wearing panties.

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