Pigeon john is dating your sister lyrics

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I mean, if you can't adapt the vocals to the new beat, redo them.And if you cant do that either, don't do the remix at all. First is "Rainy Day" that features a verse from Red Cloud. The two emcees break down the trouble they went through growing up over a simple and melancholic MR J beat that has a voice sample for a hook.

This album is a bit more serious than we are used to though.

He started out clueless, he has been dating your sister and now the LA Symphony and Brainwash Project member sings the blues.

Thirteen new tracks; or eight new tracks, three remixes and two bonus tracks is what this album has to offer."Upside Down Rotten" sets the album off with something typical PJ.

There once was a goat by the name of Sam Sam ate grass stayed away from ham An old little goat with a lot of regrets Sam didn't fit in with the rest of the pets He did his own thing let his hair grow long Went into the mountains to write some songs Down from the hill he began to tread And all the younger goats, they began to dread"Awe here comes Sam the Goat, the one and only master"Quote unquote Sam made friends that put on shows Made money from the rich and wore fancy clothes They set up an event Thursday afternoon The whole town came to hear Sam's new tune The old goat clicked onto the stage Sung one song and the crowd was amazed Chorus: The goat, come on, goat, come on Goat, come on, goat, everybody!

Sometimes he raps and sometimes he sings, but most of the time he is somewhere in between.

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