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If they’re frustrated, that’s because they genuinely need your help to move their work forward.

And if they’re angry, it’s because you’re sending the message that they just aren’t worth your attention.

Record your own private thoughts to refer back to when looking at the arc of employee performance and development over time.

As an organization, we believe in conspiring for each other’s greatness.

Performance should not be about hitting the numbers at any cost, because that could be disastrous for team camaraderie and collaboration in the long run.

Ask questions to see how employees are honoring the core company values.11) Recognize wins.

Some managers hold one half-hour meeting with each employee every month, others do one hour each week.

What matters most is creating the cadence and honoring it consistently.

Think about how you will provide an opportunity to have the employee change behaviors that are standing in the way of excellence.5) Begin with a check-in. If they roll their eyes upwards and take a few seconds, then they are focusing on their thoughts and not their feelings. Set clear expectations during a one on one, and follow up with any coaching before the deadline is missed.

The conversations that take place during one on ones help employees to grow, contribute their gifts, and to live fulfilled lives. David Hassell is Cofounder & CEO of 15Five, employee engagement and performance software that helps create high performing teams by combining continuous feedback, pulse surveys, objectives (OKRs), peer recognition, and 1-on-1 meeting agendas, all in one lightweight weekly check-in.

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One on ones help managers to get out of overwhelm by making sure that every employee is focused on the right task.

Taking a few minutes to coach employees frees up your time to focus on your own work with the confidence that you won’t be putting out fires later.

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