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Sculptors created works like Myron's Diskobolos or Discus Thrower.Their aim was to highlight natural human movement and the shape of muscles and the body.They were held in honor of Zeus, and the Greeks gave them a mythological origin.The first Olympics is traditionally dated to 776 BC.393 as part of the campaign to impose Christianity as the State religion of Rome.Alternatively, the games were thought to derive from some kind of vegetation magic or from initiation ceremonies.

The ancient Olympics had fewer events than the modern games, and only freeborn Greek men were allowed to participate, although there were victorious women chariot owners.

Previously, the local dating systems of the Greek states were used (they continued to be used by everyone except the historians), which led to confusion when trying to determine dates.

For example, Diodorus states that there was a solar eclipse in the third year of the 113th Olympiad, which must be the eclipse of 316 BC.

The temple was one of the largest Doric temples in Greece. The statue became one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.... on account both of the festal assembly and of the Olympian Games, in which the prize was a crown and which were regarded as sacred, the greatest games in the world.

The sculptor Pheidias created a statue of the god made of gold and ivory. The temple was adorned by its numerous offerings, which were dedicated there from all parts of Greece. Sculptors, poets, painters and other artisans would come to the games to display their works in what became an artistic competition.

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