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She chatted with and dated many guys before the right one caught her eye.

John and Paulette had a pleasant chat and exchanged photos. One night Paulette went for drinks with a man she had met on NZDating. Her gaze was wandering when she spied a familiar face. “For some reason, our eyes met, and it was instant recognition,” she recalled.

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i think this is because most dudes just swipe right on everyone so women can afford to be picky.what they don't get is someone much better looking than them isn't going to want anything more than sex.maybe they do understand this and thats all they want too.But realistically they're often just as fucking useless as the guys. I generally just go for a drink as it's an easy out after one or two. Definitely don't do a dinner or movie for a first or second date. I went on one date with a Cupid girl who looked so different to her photo. It almost feels like I've lost internet connectivity the second I bring it up in Christchurch.She was really fat, couldn't see enough to drive, but it was still a funny date so whatever. Bumble is like Tinder, except the ladies have to chat first. Perhaps age would be a factor for some of these supposedly more serious sites. My point is, most Metropolitan cities are worlds apart from Christchurch - Auckland included. I do often use selfies as my profile picture because any photos people have taken of me out doing something adventurous don't show what I look like clearly.

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