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Before his relationship with Priyanka, Nick Jonas has been in a good number of relationships in the past.

The first woman he was known with was Miley Cyrus with whom he had a rather interesting relationship from 2006 to 2007. The singer seemed to be stuck with Disney’s starlets as after it was over between him and Miley, he went on to date another of the Channel’s star, Selena Gomez in 2008.

Because of this, almost everything and everyone the singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer has been involved with has become a thing of interest to both the media and his massive fan base.

You don’t need to be keeping up with Nick Jonas before you know that he has been in a relationship with Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra – the media has drummed the relationship between the pair into every slightly opened ear.

In fact, the then 23 years old singer and 37 years old actress, author, and businesswoman also traveled to Disneyland together.

Less than one year of seeing each other, Jonas and Hudson ended things up, even though neither of them ever confirmed that they had even dated in the first place.

The first time the two were sighted together was in 2017 at the Met Gala.

After the event, Priyanka would be on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she would deny having anything with him.

A witness at Osteria dished to Page Six that Selena and Nick’s date was “awkward at first.” They arrived at the restaurant and hugged each other before they headed inside and got a table in the back.

In 2013, Nick started dating American model and beauty queen, Olivia Culpo.

The relationship between them went well for two years, but the main problem for the two involved was that it was a long distance relationship and unfortunately, they couldn’t hold on for much longer, leading to the two parting ways in 2015.

Kate Hudson was the next woman to be linked to Jonas.

The couple became a pair in 2016 after they were sighted on more than one occasion together enjoying dates.

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