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These things will come up organically.”—Lauren Morelli, writer for “There’s a benefit to saying, ‘I’m pretty new to dating women.’ Not because it’s a lie if you don’t, but because you’re more likely to find someone else who is just starting to do the same.

Also, from what I’ve observed, it’s actually very common for women to realize that they would like to date other women later than their early twenties—so don’t worry.

Filtering matches by specific criteria isn’t anything new to dating apps.

Other more traditional dating sites, like Match and Ok Cupid, have offered ways to filter matches, too.

has come up with a new way for its dating app and related businesses to generate revenue.

The company this week launched filters — a way to sift through potential matches by a set of specific criteria.

I felt like a fraud until I realized I had just as much right to be in the LGBTQ space as someone who’s been out longer—and you do too.

After all, if you were looking to meet a man, you wouldn’t feel the need to disclose how many guys you’ve dated or when you lost your virginity.

If you aren’t totally comfortable with that, try different approaches: Start with less disclosure, see how that goes, and then increase what you share.”—Eric Kim, senior product manager at Ok Cupid“Everyone is misleading on dating sites, because everyone shares only the good things about themselves and none of the messier stuff.

I imagine your real fear is that you’ll be judged for having no experience.

Its weekly plan is .99/week, currently.) Bumble’s filters are available on both i OS and Android.

I'd like to try dating women after only ever dating men.

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