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To help ensure your first chatbot projects are successful, we have compiled a set of 10 top tips.These tips have been sourced from industry experts, from current customer projects, and from our own experience in implementing chatbot apps at Oracle: For many organisations, the Contact Center is the primary point of interaction with customers or employees.It may be a sporadic technical issue, or it could be that a tweak to the conversational flow improves the user experience.

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As you will learn below, having the option of a live human agent to handle certain customer interactions can be vital to the success of your overall bot strategy.Open up your bot to more phrases (utterances) from users.Use Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to understand what the user wants (their intent) and any specific information (entities) contained in the text.That’s why you should also always be clear it’s a bot.Starting with menu-based, structured bots is all good and well but users will start to expect your bot to intelligently handle queries.

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