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Although I'm happy that Microsoft texted me today about suspicious activity, I wish they would have let me know over three weeks ago when the [sign-in attempts started] (!My skype account was compromised a few weeks back and had the baidu links spammed to my contacts. My MS account obviously had a strong password with 2fa, my Skype account had a fairly weak shared password.I'm having the errors about the "service being unavailable".

Something is definitely up as I was able to get in without 2FA prior to resetting my skype passwordedit4: a colleague of mine got the attached when unlinking his live account on the websiteedit5: As /u/siclik pointed out, you can disable logins on live using your skype alias I'm pissed.You can see that [Microsoft's sign-in form] ( clearly states you can use your Skype username to login (I just didn't realize your old Skype password would work, too!)I can confirm that I am seeing failed login attempts against my live account using my Skype Alias.edit: Just in case you do not know how to unlink the account go to https://and login there, at the bottom of the page is an "account settings" option under which you will have the option to unlink your live account.TL; DR: MS really didn't think their account link/merge through - old alias password could still be used to auth.Same exact thing happened to me a few weeks ago, too (on 11/7).

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