My single friend dating

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Before getting started, we have a pointless rant to go on about My Single Is it us, or does the website name imply you’re supposed to sign-up FOR your friend to try and hook them up with a date? Now let’s get onto the rant that matters – analyzing the joke that is My Single Apparently, not many are, as evidenced by the small member database.

We just couldn’t get past the ridiculousness of the site’s concept.

Not only have the prices rocketed, but there seem to be a lot of people who are no longer active on…

Read Full Review I so wish I had read the reviews before handing over money ..

I'm a single mum on a low income and I cant afford it. I'm on a few dating sites and have so many hits a day on all of them!!! Absolutely a total waste of my time and money !!!!! I ended up meeting a partner through work however so I ended my membership.

Why wont the admin team reply to my emails begging them to check when I last used site and refund me for the months after that when they have taken my money? Fast forward nearly 5 years later and I thought I would give Internet dating another try so I signed up to MSF again.

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