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(Plus, you may have to keep going to those awful concerts!) So when your partner asks your opinion on a topic, or wants to know how you feel about a certain subject, tell the truth.In fact, I spend the same amount of time thinking about what I am supposed to represent to anyone. "..women who earn more and do better in school" - Since these are the only two metrics of comparison that matter, I can see why men would be upset. Someone is better than you at something, and that someone is a woman.

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[If you are part of this underground society, please email me. [Side note: If a guy texts me "Sup" and I answer "Not much" is that considered a mixed message? Those mixed messages I've been sending make it totally okay for boys/men to call me a "castrating bitch." I get you. "..what they actually pursue..." - I'm a little bit lost here as to how all women pursue the exact same things. Even if it’s not what he or she wants to hear at the moment, your honest and direct answer will score major points in terms of deepening and strengthening the connection you two are building together, and allow the other person to know you in deeper ways.Mixed Messages About “the Ex” When you are building a new relationship with someone, a former boyfriend or girlfriend is one subject where you absolutely cannot allow any ambiguities. Any time the ex’s name comes up, you need to be perfectly clear regarding the fact that things are definitely over between you, and that you have moved on without a doubt.As we all know, trust is one of the most important aspects of any relationship.So when you are building the foundation of a new romance, one of your top priorities should be to establish a strong sense that you two can really count on each other, and trust what you say to each other.

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