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Though I usually go to a place that is not real close to home.

I wear panties 24/7 and pantyhose during cooler months.

or maybe when im at a friends house i love the rush of going to there mothers room and seeing what kind of panties she wears and just being curious and if shes hott and Gorgeous i basically push myself to do so as well lol well yeah but over all im just a laid back guy65 years old, 5' 11' 250 lbs.

handicaped LEGS, (I USE A WALKER) I LOVE TO WEAR BRAS, I'm A natural 46B/C BRA WEARER, SIZE 13-!

Women In Panties I have a huge panty fetish and have had it since i was young!

But when my doctor told me that I had better start wearing support hose every day or I would be dead in a month or less I realised that i did not give a shit if people knew.

Im submissive in them and like being raped or being told wat to do by aggressive guy or guys! the first time was when i borrowed a pair of my older sisters panties to where under my baseball uniform. after that i use to grab her panties and use them to jack off.

Sexy Panties As a young lad I had two sisters and stealing their panties to use when I masturbated was a thrill.

(Even got caught wearing a panty girdle.) Later began "borrowing my sister's panties and finally began to accumulate my own.

It can be quite a turn on buying women's underwear in a store.

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