Men are from mars women are from venus dating

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Sexy and fast paced, this show is definitely for adults, but will leave audiences laughing and giggling like little kids!

When Mars and Venus collide, the adventures are earth-shatteringly hysterical.

The book hooked an audience eager for black-and-white answers.

Georgia Hall, from Springfield, Virginia, heard about ow, John Gray isn’t what you would call a scholar.

Twenty-five years later the sexism of such a project seems downright laughable.

Take this gem, written by Gray: “In an unspoken language the Venusians communicated loud and clear: ‘We need you.

Imagine, writes Gray, that one day invented space travel (emphasis added) and visited the Venusian damsels.

Published 25 years ago in 1992, the book swept the talk show circuit, marketed as a “primer for understanding and communicating with the opposite sex” and a “manual for loving relationships.” By the end of the 1990s, it had sold 6.9 million copies and was the highest ranked work of nonfiction.

Demand was such that Mattel introduced a board game.

There was a Broadway play of the same name, themed valentines, infomercials, calendars, a magazine, and a CD-ROM with role-playing and punchy graphics that cost .95.

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