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Dating isn’t quite so robotic, but just realize that you can’t control all of the factors (woman’s personality, tastes, dislikes) in every single date.

Thanks to the fact that I’m happily married today, I can honestly say that the following 7 poker concepts are very useful in the dating world. And while looking for nervous tics and obvious tells like they do in poker movies is overrated, you can learn a great deal by studying your opponents’ body language (live poker) and betting patterns. In this case, don’t overcompensate with your next date by referring to your bench press, and how many guys you’ve almost fought in pubs.It’s critical that you choose the right stakes for your bankroll so that you can last through poor sessions and downswings.I wish that I’d applied this concept sooner to my dating life, because I was more than willing to overspend to impress dates.The same flexibility should be used in the dating world when you find a woman that you like, and immediately get a read on her personality.Yes, I know that in Tip #2 I mentioned staying true to yourself.

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