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Nicky, however, refuses to believe Lorna when she argues that she does not need to take a pregnancy test because she “just knows”.

Additionally, Lorna also blames her lust for her on her uncontrollable hormones.

Lorna soon arrives, describing that she’s been having sex dreams in which she is riding a whale in the ocean.

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Caputo orders the officers to send Nicky "down the hill".

In reality, Nicky has hidden it in the laundry room for her own use.

The meth heads discover the stash and begin using it.

In Season Five, "Riot FOMO", both Nicky and Lorna acquire the medical room after persuading Angie and Leanne to get out by figuratively stating that they’d all “take a chill pill and have a nice discussion” and by managing to obtain the keys from officer Dixon.

Suggestively, for the sake of Nicky’s sobriety, Lorna insists she keeps hold of the keys to the cage and claims Nicky will never get them from her when she jokingly comments that Lorna has a mental picture of “me holding you tight…

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