Korean dating patterns

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Both the form and the decorative motifs that characterize this type of pottery are unique to Korea.

Hence, Korean Neolithic culture is often referred to as the “Comb-pattern Pottery Culture”Nowadays, many religions live in peace in the Republic of South Korea.

In South Korea, great importance is attached to people.

Together with the high level of education, the Republic of Korea has passed the agricultural and industrial society and transformed rapidly into an information society [4].

According to our opinion, the value that is more important than the natural resources and richness of countries is educated and qualified human resource.

According to the famous French gastronome Savarin, gastronomy is the “Systematic analysis of everything related to human nutrition” [5].

In girls, breast development was significantly positively associated with the factor score of ‘shellfish and processed meat’ (odds ratio 1·88, CI 1·08, 3·26, for trend 0·05).

These results suggest that dietary patterns were related to body composition and sexual maturation among the Korean children.

With an unemployment rate of 3%, South Korea is among the countries with the lowest unemployment rate.

The contribution of the successful education system implemented in the country to this low unemployment rate is great.

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