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Without hesitation he said that he’d been stringing her along and that he had told her “a pack of romantic lies’.He said: Maybe the enormity of what he’d planned dawned on Grant for a moment because officers found a crudely fashioned noose of mattress strips hidden in his cell, even though he’d only been left alone for less than 30 minutes.If you’re wondering if Grant was contemplating mass murder for a multi-million dollar insurance pay-out, he wasn’t — the idiot had purchased a total of ,000 (2,267.63 in current USD) in life insurance on his family in one of the airport life insurance vending machines!If you’re of a certain age you may recall the insurance vending machines — they were ubiquitous in airports all across the country.This list contains information about Hugh Grant's loves, ex-girlfriends, romances, and flings.Which of Hugh Grant's exes do you think are the hottest? In 2012, Hugh Grant had his second child with on-and-off girlfriend and Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein.

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He claimed to owe over ,000 — but his wife said she thought the amount was closer to 0.

Betty Grant and her two young children watched as husband and father, John Henry Grant, was led away by the cops to be questioned in an alleged bomb plot.

If Grant hadn’t, at the very last minute, tussled with the baggage handler and snatched the bag with an incendiary device in it it would have been loaded on to the same plane that his wife and two children were taking from LAX to San Diego!

Although Hugh Grant is part of celebrities who have been caught with ladies of the night and celebrity cheaters who downgraded, he has dated many A-list celebs, including Drew Barrymore.

If you're wondering who Hugh Grant's wife is, stop - he never married!

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