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games From the series comes PSP and DS of Gakuen Hetalia ! I’m still looking for volunteers to make the English patch but if you can’t wait then feel free to download. 😉 There is also a petition going on for the English Dub. (If you’re interested) Go to the link in the Neo Romancer website, click, register, wait a few days before you can answer the survey. I will still be collecting and collating all the english games AND… So enjoy I hope you can still participate in the survey. EDITED: Monday, March 26, 2018 I’ve read comments and reviews.

So feel free to take a visit and enjoy reading and learning about what’s cookin and what’s served in the Otome Games world. 😉 If you want to see the PINK color, ya gotta come and visit this link.

Based from a manga from Tecmo Koei comes the DS of Miss Princess: Mispri And…

It’s still on-going so watch out for the following chapters.

mt=8 i Phone/Touch Download the Japanese game here. 5 Comments To all Amachi Shouta fans, I wrote a fanfic.

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