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Luckily the fridge was off however I have heard even if the fridge is on at-25 they still go for it.'It needs a lot of courage to do something like that.I was surprised after all the checks there was still some left.'I got the all-clear, stamp after stamp, second control, third control, the dogs.'There's nothing the driver can do, nothing else.The illegal immigrants included two minors who were referred to social services while the men were referred to the Home Office.Pedro added: 'They are relentless, it's a vicious circle - they go for it and go for it.'The police in France got some of them out and let them go, all they are going to do is get in the next truck.'The size of them helped them get in the boxes, because I have plastic bins, empties, stacked on top of each other, so its very easy to hide and obviously its clear that they didn't check them properly.'It is what it is, there's not much the driver can do in this situation.

They pulled me aside and put the steps up and checked inside.'They took me through the first scanner, checked it again and it was fine -that was the French side done.'I got to the UK border side, explained to them and they looked at the paperwork.It is often a last desperate attempt to reaffirm family normalcy and to bring balance back into the household.It is anguish for the family member seeking to regain boundaries. The prospect of turning out a child from the home is a heartrending decision a family naturally shrinks away from.It is at times like these, especially after reported incidents, that family members must consider the prospect of taking a stand. The household is close to being held hostage to the erratic and/or aggressive pronouncements of a family member who is out of control, firmly in denial, and may have lost a grip on reality.Tough love is a response to the non-response of a loved one to recognize the need for treatment and acceptance that they are ill, mentally ill.

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