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It made her second youngest Oscar winner in history behind Tatum O’ Neal.The Piano was an independent film, and no expectations were made for its fame.When The Piano was released in 1993, it was praised by critics and won prizes at no of film festivals and eventually became a popular film among a wide audience.Her debut performance in the film blessed her 1993 Academy Award For Best Supporting Actress at the age of only 11 years.She voiced Ramsey in Disney’s film The Good Dinosaur.She also played Nancy Holt, the wife of a Confederate Soldier, in the 2016 miniseries Roots.She also did the voice of Kristin on an episode of Phineas and Ferb.Paquin made her role as Rogue in the 2014 film “X-Men: Days of Future Past.

However, she was invited to William Morris Agency, and she received a lot of offers for her new role.

She completed the film Magaret in Nov 206 which was released in 2011.

In the following year, the performed the role of Laurie in the horror film trick’s treat, which was later released in 2009.

She also went to Columbia University for one year but has since been on a leave of absence to continue her acting career.

Director Jane Campion was searching for a little girl to play the main role in The Piano, set to film in New Zealand, and a newspaper advertisement was run announcement an open audition.

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