Intj dating sonakshi dating divorcee

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There will never be any issues concerning infidelity for these two loving individuals.

An ENFJ’s happiness heavily depends on their loved ones, people they would not dare hurt.

The INTJ sees their partner as a puzzle waiting to be solved, while the ENFJ sees its partner as a cause waiting to be saved.

The ENFJ crave to understand the INTJ’s intellect, while the INTJ seeks to figure out the ENFJ’s charisma.

ENFJs are notorious for avoiding conflict at all costs, which preemptively discourages starting any sort of fight.

INTJs maintain the responsibility of ensuring that the ENFJ doesn’t fly too closely to the sun. Sensitive ENFJs can count on the INTJ’s brutal honesty, especially when faced with difficult decisions and deteriorating self-esteem.

The INTJ is the only one who can convince the ENFJ that being a “Yes (Wo)Man” can do more bad than good.

Often, the ENFJ learns to stand her ground and not be as much as pushover.

The ENFJ is a textbook diplomat, gifted with social skills, eagerness to help, and emotional intelligence beyond average capacity.

On the flipside, the INTJ’s inherent pragmatism, fierce work ethic, and decisive attitude perfectly balances out their partner.

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