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In the case of cutting humor, empathy ruins the joke.

In the case of winning an argument at the expense of the relationship, empathy sours the tang of victory. We wield status and influence reflexively, unaware that other people are affected.

Jekyll and Mr./Ms Hyde doubling driven by mutual unrecognition. For example, research (Bolino and Turnley, 2003) found that managers rated female employees as less likable when the ladies were perceived as intimidating, but for the gentlemen, intimidation did not influence likeability.

Not only that, but male employees who used intimidation were also deemed better performers, an effect not enjoyed by women.

"The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain — he is inspired by it.

The persistent winner is not discouraged by a problem, he is challenged by it.

The more coherent our sense of self is, regardless of how multifaceted, the more in-line who we see ourselves to be is with how others appear to know us.

It’s not “just a joke,” but we tell ourselves it is.They may really want to be intimidating, a different beast entirely from those who are intimidating without meaning to or realizing it.When people are inadvertently intimidating and have ambivalent feelings about the feedback they get, it is a more interesting situation to think about than when people are singularly being bullies, because inadvertent intimidation, the subject of the rest of this piece, suggests an unrecognized division within oneself, a Dr.Rather than having an overarching sense of our own multiplicity, in each singular self-state, we experience our momentary point of view as enduring and miss the inconsistency that others detect, fear, and judge.People who do this may also come across as cryptic.

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