Ibm options back dating sdsu dating

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As a CPA and former audit firm partner, Byrd was a classic candidate for these types of CFO positions and profited handsomely from that profile.Having been involved since the IPO, he was the classic “outside” CFO type versus “inside” CFO type.The thief was so jealous, he starts screaming, “My turn!

With the filing of charges against Byrd, we come a little closer.…Byrd himself benefited from 800,000 backdated options purportedly granted at .70 in April 2001, the SEC charged.In truth, the company didn’t settle on the number of options he should receive until mid-June, a month after he was promoted to president and chief operating officer.In fact, I was relieved to see KPMG’s involvement starting fairly recently.It seems that they may have looked the other way when accepting this high flying, risky client from Andersen but they put their finger on the issues and stood hard and fast when they did.

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