I8910 phone updating error

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As there was nothing wrong with my connection to the Internet, I went on clicking, from time to time, the Phone Software Update icon on the Samsung PC Studio 7 interface again and again until, after several dozens of clicks, I honestly cannot remember exactly how many, the download progress bar appeared and the system started downloading.

When, a few minutes later, the download progress bar reached 100%, the first screen of the Phone Update Wizard appeared.

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In order to check for updates, if any, and install them, I connected my Samsung I8910 HD to my PC through the USB port, connected to the Internet, opened the Samsung PC Studio 7 version,, software and clicked Phone Software Update.

Also, does anyone know how I would be able to purchase the editing software for quickoffice if i live in the US? It maked me want to change my Nokia E71 for a touch phone and I went to look for Omnia HD.

capable HSDPA, GPS, HDMI, accelerometer and comes with either 8 or 16GB built-in memory and expansion slot to allow use of an up to 32GB card. Most people who have seen the phone go on with “Jeez, now that´s one huge screen! Unfortunately, you can hardly see any details on the screen if you take the phone outdoors in bright sunlight, especially if you happen to forget to wipe the fingerprint-smudged surface clean. Will you be able to use Nokia 5800 or other Nokia themes on this phone as I dont like the yellow they use in some of the UI? Dont worry its my opinion WM is not so great and never been for me so if Samsung do their job as good as here (over WM) probably Omnia HD will be good too (sould be because of thet I buy Omnia breavly never had WM devise) Wink Curent model look much better than new one here is noting the 3.7 inch AMOLED screen. AMOLEDReally fancied this one even though it is symbian but the battery life is abysmal reminds me of my old G1 and the orange only handset scuppers it for me as their firmware restrictions make the handset crippled from the off.

Last, but not least the manufacturer have managed to pack all these features in a 12.9 mm. There are , there is no apparent lock mechanism and we felt as if it was about to come off anytime. Also Samsung need to update their firmware more often as their support sucks Hello.

I tried a working demo in a store and my-oh-my was I disappointed! The phone experience, despite that it looks exactly like the S5230 has nothing to do with it.

It is frustratingly slow, jaggy and the screen keyboard is desperatingly non precise. Here at the Phone Arena they reviewed the Omnia HD with excellent votes while I find it frustrating and they reviewed the S5230 with bad votes while I find it almost perfect (it's just missing Wi Fi in my oppinion).

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