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Legalization also legitimized black-market jobs and created new ones, and sales and tax revenues exceeded initial estimates in each state, once consumers and regulators adjusted to new systems. And the Hudson Valley, in particular, stands to benefit, says Michael Amoroso, executive director of the Hudson Valley chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.“You’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the country such a major cannabis consumption market that sits alongside a corridor of higher education institutions and has an agricultural community in close proximity.” Follow the Money Despite this year’s failure, it seems to be a matter of when, not if, the wave of legalization will reach New York.

“We have the largest cannabis industry in the country, it’s just that criminals run it all,” Senator Krueger says.“I heard many good-faith concerns from my colleagues, many of which I believe have been addressed in new versions of the bill, but we ran out of time before we could make it across the finish line.” “There were many good-faith concerns” would be a fitting epitaph for the MRTA.What had earlier in the year seemed like a foregone conclusion—the legalization of recreational marijuana for adult use in New York—was reined in by police unions and PTAs, scaremongering anti-legalization groups, and a cold-footed Democratic caucus whose differences seemed to grow by the day.Kevin Sabet, President of SAM NY and a former drug policy advisor to President Obama.“What will follow will not be more empowerment or opportunity but more health and economic harm.” Large multinational cannabis corporations are already sniffing around the New York market.

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