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Regardless, victims should still file a report with the .

If investigators see a pattern, they may start building a case.

That is why it is so difficult to make a movie so much alike another, because I couldn't help but compare all along.

Don't get me wrong, I love rom-coms, so this should have been and easy win.

These are feelings many people can relate to: wanting to meet someone, not knowing the best way to go about it, but tired of being lonely.

A Maryland woman finally decided she would give online dating a try.

Over the course of several weeks, they spent hours texting, chatting on the phone, even video chatting.

The movie even lacks rhythm, as sometimes it takes forever and then it rushes to the end.

There wasn't any grow or character deepening, there is no development in their conversation as it is always the same; by the end of the movie, the relationship between them didn't feel any closer than it was at the beginning.

He was the same man she saw in the photos on the dating app.

Tomas Haysbert sent flowers to her office, even a ring from an online jeweler."He's a perfect guy, he says the right things, it made me feel good," she said.

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