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Update, Dec 21, pm: In response to customers' frustration, Logitech issued another statement today with instructions on how to enable private local API controls.

The company created a new XMPP beta program that will give users access to the local controls that were removed in the most recent Harmony Hub firmware update.

Here's the full statement: Logitech recently released a firmware update for Harmony hub-based remotes that addressed some security vulnerabilities brought to our attention by a third-party cyber security firm.

Logitech takes our customers’ security seriously, and we work diligently to fix these kinds of issues as they’re discovered. We are aware that some customers using undocumented Harmony APIs for local home control were affected as a side-effect of our closing these vulnerabilities.

Logitech began pushing out firmware update 4.15.206 last week, its release notes stating that it addresses security and bug fixes.

Users immediately flocked to Logitech's community forms to complain once they realized the systems they built up to control their smart home devices essentially became unresponsive.

Those who actively use local access on their Harmony Hubs may choose to not upgrade to the latest firmware, while some have already attempted to downgrade to older firmware versions.

I wrote this simple piston to force it to stay in sync with the activity start/end. I almost called Logitech/Samsung about this latency problem. I have ST turn the lights behind my telly and its between instant since setting it up like the first post coming on before I even get picture but its like the hue to ST link has either died or delayed Once home for work will investigate more I like what you have done and give it a try. I could write a POWER off activity but I think all it does is simulate pressing the power button as if you were in front of TV.Logitech plans to release an official firmware update with XMPP controls in January.Many users of Logitech's Harmony Hub smart home hub and remote were recently met with a nasty surprise.We urge customers to update to this latest firmware, version 4.15.206.Please see this article for complete directions on checking and updating your current firmware version.

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