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They incorporated in ’72 and in ’73 changed the name to Musitek, which proved difficult to pronounce, so Leo came up with Music Man.Fender did not actively promote his involvement with Music Man, but it was never really a secret.Leo’s involvement with G&L lasted until his death in early 1991. Mc Laren and BBE Sound, who continue to run the company to this day. They don’t appear on the market all that often, and their lack of uptake among players tends to suggest the early serial number sequences include a lot of inflation.Leo never intended G&L to be a mega guitar brand, and G&L remains committed to that vision, concentrating on limited production of quality instruments. For example, it’s difficult to believe that more than 6,000 G&L guitars (let alone basses) shipped out in ’81.The active versions added a second “splitter” function, which was a coil tap. To compensate for the loss in bass response, these guitars kicked in some extra bass compensation with the active circuitry.

Leo immediately founded CLF Research and was hired as a consultant to Fender until 1970.They hit the market when heavy metal was becoming popular, with its taste for unusually shaped guitars, and later, offset-double-cutaway instruments.Within a few years, Kramer would be the world’s largest guitar manufacturer. Smith in (1995), Leo maintained a rocky relationship with his sales department.Ernie Ball’s Music Man guitars continue to be built to this day.After the sale, Leo partnered with another longtime associate, George Fullerton, to found G&L Music Sales, Inc., named for George and Leo. If you ordered a custom color, it came on a poplar body.

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